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Dryden WoodOil Specifications

All Dryden products adhere to Masterspec specifications – NZ’s leading specification system for the design and construction industries. Find the detailed Dryden specifications below. Our team will also provide project-specific specs upon request. Contact us here.

VOC Summary

Fire Ratings

WoodOil Maintenance

Once you’ve applied an initial coat of Dryden WoodOil, you will not need to reapply until the surface of your timber begins to show signs of fading or loses its ability to bead water. Generally, one coat of WoodOil Clear should be reapplied every three years and WoodOil coloured oils, every two years. Of course, if your home or building resides in harsher weather conditions or extreme sun, reapplication could be required more often. We recommend annual washing of your timber surfaces to remove dust, pollen and other surface contaminants. This is also recommended before re-coating surfaces with WoodOil. Note: water repellency and colour tone of Dryden WoodOils are proportional to the amount of oil applied to timber. Thicker timbers will require additional coats to offer sufficient durability.

Maintenance Programme

Regular maintenance significantly increases the life of your timber. Dryden WoodOil maintains the visual appeal of your timber while protecting its strength and durability. Minimal work is required for upkeep; however, if you’d prefer to work with a professional, we have approved contractors who are experienced with the application and maintenance of Dryden WoodOil products. Our contractors can assist with WoodOil applications as well as restoration and refurbishments of timber decking, cladding and shingle/shake roofs. We can also create a maintenance programme for your property, to keep it in prime condition without the hassle and to help you comply with any warranties and building code specifications.
Dryden WoodOil Cleaning and Maintenance Guide

Dryden Product Guide

The Dryden Product Guide offers valuable product information for each Dryden product and includes coverage rates, clean-up, application advice, maintenance guidance and more. At a quick glance, you will have access to the most important facts and tips. It also features high resolution imagery of Dryden Colourtone+ options in both WoodOil, OilStain, and WoodMaster on different timber species and grains, making it the ideal tool for exterior and interior representation. Dryden WoodOil colours are aligned to Dryden OilStain and Dryden WoodMaster colours, allowing indoor-outdoor flow when coating timbers of the same species.

Dryden Product Guide


BIM Content Solutions for Dryden

BIM Solutions provides easy to use BIM content and Add-Ins so you can add Dryden colours and product ranges to Autodesk® Revit® and GRAPHISOFT ® Archicad ® models quickly and simply. And they’re FREE!

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