Frequently Asked Questions

Dryden WoodOil Clear protects your timber from the elements while giving it a natural finish that will silver and weather over time. If you want your wood to maintain its new look, colour can be added to the WoodOil base to provide UV protection.

No. Dryden WoodOil is a migrating oil, which means it will not penetrate through film building products. Additionally, if Dryden WoodOil is used with or over the top of another product, guarantees and warranties will not be able to be honoured on either of the products.

No. When applying Dryden WoodOil to new timber, one coat should be applied now and the second coat 30-90 days after (depending on WoodOil used and climate conditions of your timber).

It’s neither. Dryden WoodOil is a migrating oil that doubles as a water-repellent, non-filming, timber protector.

No. One coat of Dryden WoodOil should be applied to your timber now, and a second coat 30-90 days after. Begin to maintain your timber with WoodOil two years after second application in areas that are losing the ability to bead water or where colour is fading.

You can use a half-coat of colour, but you will only get half the UV protection of full-colour Dryden WoodOil. You may notice your timber begins to weather and silver sooner.

No. WoodOil and WoodMaster are different products used for different purposes. WoodOil is a water-repellent, non-filming timber protector while WoodMaster is a decorative, low-build wood stain. Visit our Products page to find out which one is right for your timber.

You can use WoodOil Clear for the second coat, but you will only get half the UV protection of a full-colour WoodOil. You may notice your timber weather and silver sooner.

Reapplication of Dryden WoodOil coatings will depend on environmental factors and exposure of your timber. Generally speaking, reapply WoodOil to areas that are losing the ability to bead water or colour is fading two years after initial coatings. WoodOil Clear allows your timber to silver and weather naturally, and may not need reapplication for three years after initial coatings.

We don’t recommend using colour WoodOil on your deck. Instead, we recommend you use Dryden Decking & Hardwood. Once Dryden Decking & Hardwood is applied, you may begin to use Dryden WoodOil Clear for future recoating as it is low maintenance and will protect your deck from the elements while allowing it to weather and silver naturally.