About Dryden


In 1999, Dryden was established to service the NZ housing and construction industry, providing a better wood oil solution for timber, through our flagship product Dryden WoodOil.

Since the beginning, we’ve been dedicated to testing, refining and developing our formulas. Today, WoodOil remains the highest-calibre product in the market, and we’ve added a whole range of speciality cleaning and coating products to the Dryden product family.

Quality Assured

For us, quality is paramount – From our staff to our systems products and deliveries. Our products are made to the highest standards by a select group of principals and are thoroughly checked for specification compliance.

Dryden WoodOil carries the ‘New Zealand Made’ label, and Dryden is a member of the ‘buy New Zealand made’ campaign.


Dryden’s mission is to satisfy the needs of our associates, customers, communities, personnel, shareholders and suppliers. When you choose Dryden, you receive more than just a quality product. You receive a rapid response from our team of dedicated, quality-focused professionals who believe in delivering our service to the highest standard and on time.

Dryden is innovative, dependable and easy to deal with, and we operate in a caring, open and ethical manner. Dryden is dedicated to continually improving all aspects of our operation, with an emphasis on safety, health, environmental protection, quality and financial strength. As a result, we contribute to the success of all our customers and their projects.