Available in 1L, 4L, 10L


Exterior wood oil for Decking, Hardwood & Outdoor Furniture.

Dryden OilStain is a deeply penetrating oil that nourishes most exterior timber species. Dryden OilStain nourishes and protects from within to help timber last longer. It is water resistant to help minimize warping, cupping, and splitting which occur from water getting into the timber.

Use for protecting outdoor wood furniture and most exterior wood joinery, suitable for application on: Decking, hardwood timber screening, outdoor furniture, windows, doors, plywood/timber, beams, fascia boards, shutters, joinery, fences, posts and engineered products. Dryden OilStain can be applied to most species of timber, old, new, rough, or smooth.

To get your desired colour, you can add Dryden Colourtone+ to Dryden OilStain. Adding Dryden Colourtone+ can also give a longer lasting finish and added UV protection. Or if you want to keep your natural timber colour, Dryden OilStain has a clear finish that will allow the timber to gradually fade overtime to a natural grey or with simple maintenance, maintain your timber’s natural colour.

Dryden OilStain is formulated to never flake, blister, or peel as a film isn’t being formed, instead the oil penetrates the timber.