How To Apply Deck And Furniture Oil To Protect Your Exteriors

Your timber deck and furniture have a lot to contend with – New Zealand’s harsh sun, unpredictable weather and everyday use. Without any protection, exposure to the elements can lead to damage like cupping, warping and splitting.

A good quality deck and furniture oil like Dryden OilStain can help prevent these problems by deeply penetrating into the wood, resisting water absorption and thus, reducing chances of warping and splitting. Here’s how you can use Dryden OilStain to protect your deck and outdoor furniture.



Step-by-Step Guide to Applying Deck and Furniture Oil

What you need


Dryden LiquidTimberClean


Dryden OilStain – if you want a clear coat

Dryden Colourtone+

Dryden Colourtone+ – to add to OilStain if you want a stained effect


Tool and equipment

  • Gloves
  • Bucket
  • High-pressure garden hose
  • Application tools: a bristle brush, speed pad, airless sprayer or roller
  • Paint stirrer

Applying Dryden OilStain to a New Deck or Furniture


Step 1: Prep and Clean Your Deck and Outdoor Furniture

Before applying Dryden OilStain, you need to first clean and prep the surface with Dryden LiquidTimberClean.

  • Dilute Dryden LiquidTimberClean with water – use a ratio of 50/50
  • Wet the deck or furniture and apply the cleaning solution using a bristle brush, sponge or small garden pressure sprayer.
  • Keep the area wet and active until stains and cosmetic marks are either acceptable or gone. You may need to apply it again to remove any stubborn stains.
  • Wash timbers down with lots of clean water (or water blaster) and sponge until all the soapiness has gone, especially from the grooves and joints. But be careful with water blasting because too much water pressure can damage soft timber.
  • Allow to dry before coating

Note: Usually, you need to leave Kwila decks to weather for at least six weeks so that the wood becomes porous and absorbs the oil better. But with Dryden OilStain, you can skip the weathering stage because it’s designed to deeply penetrate. See here for more details: An All-Inclusive Guide To Protecting And Staining A New Kwila Deck.


Step 2: Apply Dryden OilStain

Dryden OilStain is applied on its own as a clear coat solution, making it the preferred choice for individuals who want to achieve and maintain the natural silvered/grey look.

How to apply a clear deck and furniture oil:

  • Use any wide bristle brush, roller or speed pad – just avoid the lambswool types – to apply Dryden OilStain thoroughly while wearing gloves. An airless spray system can also be used to apply the oil to your decking.
  • Recoat. Dryden OilStain should not be thinned or altered in any way – you simply apply it to the timber surface, wait for about 30 to 60 minutes and remove any excess solution. Recoat after 24 hours – it’s as easy as that!

How to apply a deck and furniture oil with a stain:

  • Select your colour. Dryden Colourtone+ has over 37 colours to choose from. If you’re not sure which one suits your deck or furniture the best, order up to three free samples. This way, you can compare the shades directly on your wood surfaces before making a decision.
  • Mix Dryden Colourtone+ with OilStain. On top of adding a stained effect to your deck or furniture, Colourtone+ will also provide UV protection, preventing the timber from silvering when maintained correctly.
  • Apply. Follow the same application method as above.

Applying Dryden OilStain To Restore Exteriors

If your deck or outdoor furniture is looking the worse for wear after weathering, silvering or growth of contaminants, bring it back to life with our deck and furniture oil! Here’s how:


Step 1: Prep and Clean Your Weathered Deck and Furniture

Dryden LiquidTimberClean removes silvering, mould, dirt, grime and mild watermarks from decks and outdoor furniture. You can apply it to restore your decking before recoating with Dryden OilStain. Follow the same steps as above to ensure a clean, smooth surface for recoating.


Step 2: Apply a Recoat of Deck and Furniture Oil

Dry and recoat with two coats of Dryden OilStain or OilStain and Colourtone+ combined using the same methods as coating new timber.


Your Top Concerns on Using Deck and Furniture Oil

Our experts answer three of the most frequently asked questions about applying deck and furniture oil.

Can I use deck oil on furniture?

Yes, Dryden OilStain is a premium decking oil that you can also use to protect outdoor wood furniture as well as:

  • Hardwood timber screening
  • Doors and windows
  • Plywood/timber
  • Beams
  • Fascia boards
  • Shutters
  • Joinery
  • Fences
  • Wooden posts
    Engineered products like composite wood


Can I use deck and furniture oil on any type of wood?

Dryden OilStain can be applied to most species of timber: old, new, rough, or smooth. It’s able to deeply penetrate most timbers used for decking and outdoor furniture in New Zealand, such as:

Decks, and outdoor furniture can lose their colour over time due to weathering and silvering. Dryden Colourtone+ comes in over 37 shades, so you can find a near-identical stain to match the natural colour of these hardwoods.


How often should I apply deck and furniture oil?

How often you need to maintain your timber depends on several factors, such as the timber’s

  • Age
  • Porosity
  • Species
  • Situation and exposure to weather

Dryden OilStain deck and furniture oil should be applied when the timber loses its water resistance and starts absorbing water. We recommend checking the timber every six months to make sure it’s still protected from water, or as often as needed to maintain the look you prefer.

Your deck also needs an annual soft wash on top of this to keep it looking its best. Clean outdoor furniture top to bottom during times of peak usage, like during the summer months.

But bear in mind that the above depends on the timber’s condition. If you see any signs of the common issues that exterior timber suffers from – you should treat your deck or outdoor furniture sooner.

Key Points To Remember When Using Deck And Furniture Oil

  • New Zealand’s harsh sun, unpredictable weather and everyday use can cause significant damage to decks and outdoor furniture, such as warping, cracking and splitting.
  • Applying Dryden OilStain is beneficial because it deeply penetrates the wood, resisting water absorption and reducing the chances of surfaces warping or splitting. Follow the step-by-step process for application:

1) Prep and clean the surface with Dryden LiquidTimberClean.
2) Apply a clear coat of Dryden OilStain, if a long-term silvered appearance is desired
3) Recoat after 24 hours.
4) For a stained effect, mix OilStain with Colourtone+.

  • To restore weathered decks and outdoor furniture, begin with cleaning using Dryden LiquidTimberClean followed by two coats of Dryden OilStain or OilStain combined with Colourtone+.
  • Inspect your deck and outdoor furniture every six months and follow maintenance to protect it from weathering.

Follow these steps to apply deck and furniture oil and carry out regular timber maintenance and your exteriors will continue to look beautiful and stay protected against the elements for years to come. Explore all our timber care products here and find them at your local Dryden reseller.